What is CCTV?


CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television, which is the use of video  cameras to transmit a signal to specific place, on the desired amount of monitors intended for only a limited number of viewers. CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) although initially developed for big banks  and businesses as a means of security has greatly evolved to the point where it is simple and inexpensive to be used for everyday home and office surveillance.

How CCTV works:


CCTV is a television transmission system where live or prerecorded signals are sent over closed circuit to a predetermined group of receivers. Much like radio waves they are scrambled going through the signal and unscrambled once they reach the point of reception, which means the picture is viewed or recorded but never broadcasted. The difference between  TV and CCTV is that standard TV openly broadcasts to the public where CCTV uses wireless or wired transmission to send the broadcast from the video camera to the monitor or recording device.


So what types of CCTV cameras are there?

There are a few different types of CCTV systems available such as analog or digital, wired or wireless. The methods used to operate them may vary, but the basic components are pretty much the same. A CCTV system will include a camera, a lens, a monitor, and cables that carry the signal from one place to another for the wired systems. Many systems also use some form of video recorders to record the video footage.
CCTV has been around since the time of James bond  but has greatly improved and evolved over the years,  and with technology becoming more and more affordable, and easier to use many people are installing Closed Circuit Cameras for everyday use, but which one is right for you?


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  • DeniseM says:

    I was really happy to notice this web page.I wished to thank you for that fantastic piece I definitely enjoying each and every little bit of it and I bookmarked you to check out new things you post.

  • Jeanne Thompson says:

    CCTV systems and IP cameras are awesome units utilized in order to give protection to people, homes as well as businesses. Their existence can deter would be offenders from carrying out bad things. Investing in these kinds of devices are definitely worth it.

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