How to buy CCTV

     So now that you know what a CCTV camera is how do you invest in getting the perfect one, that will meet your specific needs for security?

It is important that you start off with a general idea of what you want your CCTV system to accomplish.  Are you looking to invest in high security against intruders or break ins or to record activity in particular areas around your home 24/7 or at specific times? Are you looking for something to monitor a parked car or unoccupied home?
there are other basic considerations that influence CCTV system design and, of course, your


budget. These include:

• Required image quality

• Size of the field of interest to be viewed

• Available light (there may be a need for

supplemental lighting)

• Environment in which the equipment will be used

(indoor vs. outdoor, standard vs. high-risk for damage)

• Power source

For a basic set up you may just as well go for a standard camera, as these will still cover you for most situations. Of course if you need the cameras to record at night or in dark areas then you would need to


look at IR (Infrared) cameras or what is called True Day/Night technology cameras.



For smaller businesses  and someone looking for high security it is suggested to get an IP camera
The video capturing components of an IP camera are generally the same as most basic surveillance cameras. It captures video at intervals that can be programmed into the device, and may sometimes have a motion-activated recording capabilities. However, the camera could be defined as a “mini-computer”, with its own processor, memory and image sensing capabilities. Some IP cameras can carry out sophisticated video analyzing tasks. The primary difference between an IP camera and an analog CCTV (closed circuit television) camera is that an IP camera can both send and receive different types of data over the internet, or a computer network. Many basic CCTV cameras do not have this feature.


What is right for your neighbor or another business may not be right for you.  When considering adding security to your property asses all your basic needs and wants, remember you can choose everything even down to the style of your cameras.  Being a knowledgeable consumer will help you in ensuing your investment will be a wise one.


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