What is a master key?

Did you ever wonder how the maintenance guy can open every door in your building, yet all he carries with him is one key? The key he carries is a master key, and while all other keys may only open of each doors in the building, his key is not limited at all. There is nothing special about the actual key in a master key system. The real explanation lies actually within the locks themselves. The way a lock works is very similar to a puzzle, only when inserting the correct read more

DeadBolt Locks

The deadbolt lock works by effectively bolting the door into its frame. The bolt is “dead” in that it has to be manually moved in and out of place by means of a key or knob. There are three basic parts of deadbolt lock: a key-accessible outside cylinder, the “throw” (or bolt) which slides in and out of the door jamb, and the thumb-turn, which allows for manual control of the bolt from the inside of the read more

Lock Smith 101

   What is rekeying?

Rekeying, or re-pinning, is when a locksmith adjusts the tumblers and pins in a lock’s cylinder so it no longer works for the original key.  The locksmith will give you a new key for a rekeyed lock.  Rekeying is useful because it is usually cheaper and easier than completely changing locks. read more

Keys to Hiring a Locksmith

If you’ve ever locked yourself out of your car or home, you know what a hassle it can be. Your first thought is to get someone to help you out of your situation. If a family member or friend can’t deliver a spare set of keys, your next call might be to a locksmith. But before you make that call, consider this: According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the nation’s consumer protection agency, some locksmiths advertising in your local telephone book may not be local at all. They may not have professional training. Read More

What is CCTV?


CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television, which is the use of video  cameras to transmit a signal to specific place, on the desired amount of monitors intended for only a limited number of viewers. CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) although initially developed for big banks  and businesses as a means of security has greatly evolved to the point where it is simple and inexpensive to be used for everyday home and office surveillance.
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How to buy CCTV

     So now that you know what a CCTV camera is how do you invest in getting the perfect one, that will meet your specific needs for security?

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Smart Safety tips




1. Home Security
During the holidays, you’re likely to have guests coming and going from your home for get-togethers. Be sure all entrances and exits including doors, windows and sliding glass doors are locked before and after guests depart to help keep your family, home and valuables secure. Read More

A False Sense of Security?

In this quick article I wanted to explain the difference in having a true and false sense of security when it comes to buying a safe.

Remember, just because you buy a safe doesn’t necessarily mean your valuables are protected.

There are thousands of safes on the market today and choosing the right one is vital to the protection of your valuables. Read More

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